Torre de BelémTorre de Belém
- 13 days ago, 10 Nov 17, 7:56pm -
Valencia, Plaza de AméricaValencia, Plaza de América
- 13 days ago, 10 Nov 17, 3:47pm -
Architecture sinsArchitecture sins
- 20 days ago, 3 Nov 17, 11:58pm -
Under a photovoltaic systemUnder a photovoltaic system
- 25 days ago, 30 Oct 17, 12:20am -
Valencia, Calle Marqués de SoteloValencia, Calle Marqués de Sotelo
- 33 days ago, 22 Oct 17, 12:24am -
Late summer beachlifeLate summer beachlife
- 34 days ago, 20 Oct 17, 11:25pm -
Proud Mom and her babyProud Mom and her baby
- 37 days ago, 17 Oct 17, 1:25pm -
Buy BananasBuy Bananas
- 37 days ago, 17 Oct 17, 7:30am -
I love summertimeI love summertime
- 38 days ago, 16 Oct 17, 9:09am -
Spirit of MongoliaSpirit of Mongolia
- 41 days ago, 13 Oct 17, 8:35pm -
- 44 days ago, 10 Oct 17, 6:29pm -
Jardines del Turia y C.A.C.Jardines del Turia y C.A.C.
- 44 days ago, 10 Oct 17, 7:56am -

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  • Living Legends: The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans

    Living Legends: The Mardi Gras Indians of New OrleansI’m sitting in a cluttered workshop in New Orleans’ Central City neighborhood. Surrounding me are plastic containers filled with beads and rhinestones of about every hue imaginable, elaborate feather headdresses, glue guns, oversize spools of… 9 Mar 16, 9:43pm

  • When Travel Goes WrongSometimes bad things happen to good people when they're far away from home. That doesn't mean they have to ruin your trip. As Ken Budd reminds us, it's all about putting things in the proper perspective. 3 Mar 16, 6:32pm

  • Books That Will Make You Fall In Love With the WorldNational Geographic's travel literature expert, Don George, shares four books guaranteed to make you fall in love with the world (and itch to start planning your next trip). 2 Mar 16, 2:59pm

  • Grand Torino: Italy’s Aperitivo CapitalTo most of us, vermouth is the stuff you use to make a Martini. Or a Manhattan. Fair enough. But as many of us are rediscovering, vermouth is among the most versatile of cocktail ingredients. What’s more, it’s great straight. Vermouth’s ori… 29 Feb 16, 10:09pm

  • Beyond the Beach in Curaçao

    Beyond the Beach in CuraçaoSitting 40 miles off the Venezuelan coast, the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao stretches close to 40 miles itself, from north to south. And though most of the action happens at beachfront resorts and sandy expanses crowded with cruise ship pass… 26 Feb 16, 9:15pm

  • Local Flavor: Hot Chicken in Nashville“Hot chicken” is Nashville’s most famous dish. With two equally famous establishments in the city, Prince's Hot Chicken Shack and Hattie B's, residents love to argue who fries it best. 26 Feb 16, 8:34pm

  • A Perfect Day in Washington, D.C.I’ve lived in Washington for (gulp) 23 years—and something I’ve learned in all that time: This is one great city to visit. I recently had the honor of writing Nat Geo’s forthcoming book Walking Washington, D.C., and reveled in the chance t… 25 Feb 16, 10:40pm

  • The Art of Sacred Placement in San Miguel de AllendeA charming Spanish colonial city with a UNESCO World Heritage designation, San Miguel de Allende, located in the central highlands of Mexico, is a mecca for all manner of creative types. In a place where scores of art galleries cluster in and around… 24 Feb 16, 9:44pm

Europe a la Carte

  • Review of Elia Greek Resaurant GlasgowThe Elia Greek restaurant is located in Glasgow’s George Square. I had lunch there with our son Simon. The two course set menu cost £7 per person. Bread and olives were brought to our table. For starter, I had Taramasalata (cod roe dip). Simon had… 13 hours ago, 23 Nov 17, 5:37am

  • Palma de Majorca: Your Ticket to Tropical ParadiseOften simply referred to as “Palma”, Palma de Majorca is the largest city as well as the capital of the municipality of Majorca. The city itself boasts a population of just over 400,000 residents although this number inevitably swells during the… 2 days ago, 21 Nov 17, 9:47am

  • The Scottish Colourists at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum GlasgowThere’s a permanent exhibition of the works of the Scottish Colourists at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow. Here are photos of some of my favourite paintings. Still Life – White Roses by Peploe Interior – The Orange Blind by Cadell… 8 days ago, 16 Nov 17, 5:56am

  • Hawaii: A Travel Guide Island-by-IslandIf you’ve never been to Hawaii you might be asking yourself which island you should visit. Each island has a little something different to offer depending on your interests. No matter where you end up, booking your stay in one of the many vacation… 12 days ago, 11 Nov 17, 11:46am

  • International Poster Exhibition 2017 at The Lighthouse GlasgowThe International Poster Exhibition is on at The Lighthouse in Glasgow until 25 November 2017. It’s part of the Graphic Design Festival Scotland. My favourite poster was one depicting Martin Luther King wearing a Trump-like baseball cap with the ca… 18 days ago, 5 Nov 17, 6:47pm

  • Review of Kaleido Restaurant MalagaWhen I was in the Spanish city of Malaga, I decided to treat myself to lunch at the Kaleido Restaurant, which is situated on the prom at the port. I’m usually on the lookout for a menu of the day for around 10 Euro. At Kaleido, the lunch set menu w… 22 days ago, 2 Nov 17, 5:09am

  • Review of the County Hotel in North BerwickI stayed at the County Hotel North Berwick on a Sunday night in mid September 2017. I’ve visited the Scottish east coast town of North Berwick many times on day trips, but I was tempted to stay for the night when I found a single room for £19 for… 29 days ago, 26 Oct 17, 6:15am

  • Casa Oficina Antonio Carneiro in PortoOn my recent trip to Porto, I focused on visiting museums related to art and which offered free or reduced entry with my Porto Card. Casa Oficina Antonio Carneiro fitted the bill. It’s located in the house/workshop built in 1920 for the painter Ant… 36 days ago, 19 Oct 17, 5:16am

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